Public transport
made simple.

Trip Buddy is a public transport trip planning app for calculating travel options from timetable data stored on your phone.

  • Create one off trips or save favourite trips
  • Automatically find the fastest changeovers between any two train stations
  • Quick Plan feature automatically finds potential point-to-point routes *
  • Plan across multiple modes of transport
  • View stops and routes on maps
  • Full screen iPad optimised version
  • Sydney users: Want real-time? So do we! Sign here!

* Quick Plan feature requires an active internet connection to find routes. Saved trips calculated on the phone.

iPad optimised

Not just for iPhone - every version of Trip Buddy is fully optimised for iPad display, displaying your trip details nice and clearly on both Retina and original displays. Buy once, use on all your devices.

Quick Plan saves you time

Don't know how to get where you want to go? No worries! Trip Buddy can use any available internet connection to work out possible routes between any two points - select a route plan you like, then save as a favourite for instant time calculations.

iOS 6 Maps Directions

Miss having public transport directions in iOS 6? Trip Buddy will hook right in to the built-in Maps app, and provide transport directions using the Quick Plan engine.

Fast routing engine

Trip Buddy is loaded with an optimised routing engine that can tell you the best changeover station for train journeys for each possible time, not just once-off when you create the trip. Train changeovers are calculated right on your device.

Trip overviews

The trip times screen shows the different routes with coloured bubbles so you can tell all lines and bus routes a trip takes, not just the first. Knowing the journey overview and the travel time, picking the right trip has never been easier.

Want more control?

If you prefer to specify your trip changeovers yourself, you can! Trip Buddy has a trip editor that lets you manually create trips over all available transport modes, and automatically calculates approximate walking distances between stops.